National Brainwash

by The Parodies

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released May 1, 2007

Matt - Vocals
Anto - Guitar
Jon - Bass
James - Drums

Debut album from young Swindon Punks The Parodies



all rights reserved


Smegma Records Swindon, UK

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Track Name: Freedoms Reserved - The Parodies
I know I wasn't meant for a life of success
The only life I'll ever have is one of excess
So I learnt at a young age to never get my hopes up high
We only climb the ladder a little while before we're plucked from the sky

Coz freedom yeah freedom's reserved for the rich
Coz freedom yeah freedom's reserved for the rich
They say we're all equal in death but I think not
The extent of our freedom is measured by the money we got.

A million and one times I fell in the dirt
But I get back up again and dust off my shirt
They say you can never keep a happy man down
Bullshit I've lost count of the times I've been knocked to the fucking ground.

Freedon what a load of horseshit
Freedom I'll never see it
Freedom the kind only money can buy
Track Name: Oi Oi Brutality - The Parodies
Standing on street corners aint allowed anymore
Youth of the country branded yobs
You can't stand still in a group without the pigs on your ass
They're meant to uphold the law but they pick on us instead.

Fuck brutality, fuck police
Fuck brutality Oi Oi Oi Oi!

We aint causing much harm or making much noise
But you decide to pick on me and the boys
So fuck you discriminating bastards
So take your ASBO's and shove them up your assholes.

They kick us, they grab us, they punch us to the ground
Yet they get surprised when we fight back and make a fucking sound
The army have their war on terror, the police have their war over the youth
Don't try and reason with the pigs coz it's no use.
Track Name: George W Hitler - The Parodies
I resent you and your morals
You're a modern day Hitler
Leader of a nation
Loyal to the flag
Those who see through your lies
You'll smother with a plastic bag
Call yourself a liberator
I call you a dictator

Leader of the nazi nation
War is your only creation
Fuck you Bush, who you kidding?
It's all our free world that you're shitting

Your friendly smile hides a murderous mind
Your patriotic speeches mask the truth
Coz you're only lying to the older generation
And killing off the youth
Your country listens and swallows every lie

All lies and false circumstances
A nation now being built on lies
Turning blood to oil every time an Iraqi child dies
All lies and false circumstances
A nation rotting to the fucking core with greed
Only taking what you want and never what you fucking need

Leader of the occupation
Calling his liberation
Fuck you Bush we won't be dying.
Track Name: Punk and Ska - The Parodies
Hang low, take it easy, it's time to relax
C'mon let's kick the fuck back
Coz we deserve it we work our asses off
For a bunch of government hacks
So put ya feet up and let the good times flood back

Punk and ska, punk and ska
For all the good times
Punk and ska, punk and ska
For all the bad times

Yeah who needs discipline when we're having fun?
Only a bullet and a gun
We don't need rules either
Only good music and friends
So fuck society's values 'n' morals just for a night
Coz we're having fun and we don't want none of your shite

Oh yeah fuck the bad times
What's done is done
Now we have our fists in the air
Shouting, sweating, bleeding, havin' fun
Exactly what Punk should
Fuck the emo scene!
Track Name: Get Rich Or Claim Benefits - The Parodies
A little whack gangsta man
Had his life planned out
Get rich or die trying
Is what he'd always shout
But if he came close to dying
I bet I could bet you this
He'd roll down to the council office and claim benefits

Get rich or die trying
Wait a fucking second, let's claim benefits

her daddy owns a few hotels
And now she's fucking rich
She's fit on her home videos
But I bet she's a fucking bitch
The only thing she's famous for is showing off her gash
Get media coverage and she'll be there in a flash

There once was a famous president
Who invaded a country for their oil
While he was doing that he was gaining America soil
We gotta let that bastard know we don't fucking agree
You can fuck over the rednecks but you can't fuck me
Track Name: Accessory To Murder - The Parodies
People die every day and it's partly our fault
We could be doing more to stop poverty
We could do more to stop war
But today's society don't give a fuck
Ignorance is bliss
But in all honesty
Your ignorance is taking the piss

We're accessories to murder
Because we let it happen
Accessories to murder
Soon they'll come for us

Yeah, sure we give money to charity
But who actually goes and helps the poor?
Blair and Bush have turned us into morons
And make us scared to go out our front door

They tell us they're coming to get us
So our government has complete control
Track Name: Stan - The Parodies
Stan was an alcoholic
He had a problem but he couldn't stop it
He threw his life away
He will be lucky to live another day
Stan don't give a fuck
One foot in the mud and now he's stuck

Stan - what you done mate?
Stan - you've sealed your fate
Stan - you'll be hitting the floor
Stan - you'll be knocking on hell's door

You'll never not drink
And I don't think
You'll get past 35
You're lucky you're still alive
Sadly for you
This is your 3rd strike out
Do I have to shout?
Stan you're completely fucked!!

Stan you got no money, no car no hope
Just roll over and die
Track Name: State Of Things - The Parodies
Never take what we need
Humanity's been sallowed by greed
Stealing more coal to fuel your fire
Taking anything to quench our desire
The government feeds us distorted truth
The lies they feed us are no use
Soon we'll al implode

People die for empty causes
No one even stops and pauses
And thinks how fake freedom is
We're all dying for a god that doesn't exist

Scared and tired we come to a stop
We fought and died giving what we got
But it's no use we're near the end
There's no point coz we're nearly dead
The peace treaty's have no meaning
It's our allies who we're deceiving
Soon we'll al implode

Where do we go when we self-destruct?
What will happen when we all give up?
I'd like to think we'll fix it in time
If we're gonna's the fucking time!!
Track Name: Ban The Bomb - The Parodies
Religion's like a bomb
Ready to explode
Society's under pressure
And starting to implode
All we hear is all the lies
People around us drop and die
Making money all the time
Stand up and fall in line

Ban the bomb, ban the bomb
We don't need your religion
Ban the bomb, ban the bomb
We don't need your religion

Can't you see through their veil of bullshit?
Or are you becoming another souless hypocrite
Blind to pain, blind to suffering blind to injustice
Only hearing the words of your god
When did he give a fuck?
Track Name: Dead Cities - The Parodies
Im filed up with aggression
Want to smash your television
Saturday night you watch tv
Saturday night does nothing for me

Dead cities dead cities
Dead cities dead cities

See the man in the electric chair
They beat him up and shave his hair
There is no future to behold
In the city of dead you'll be there

Im getting wasted in this city
Those council houses are getting me down
Go up town see whos there
Theres nothing to do its getting me down

Snarling and gobbing and falling around
I really enjoy the freedom ive found
My mates besides me lying on the ground
His ears are bursting with the volume of sound